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Q: Why is that my boyfriend always wants to give me oral sex just after I have gone on a run or exercised . . . orĀ  when I haven’t showered yet? It’s dirty and I prefer oral sex when my vagina is clean.

A: It is not a matter of dirty or clean to a man. Men are attracted to our scent and believe it or not, they prefer the natural scent of our vagina over the smell of soap. To them the Scent of a Woman is a turn-on.

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Your Sheath

Q: Where does the word Vagina come from? A guy friend of mine said it was latin for the word hole.

A: The word vagina is the Latin term for sheath or scabbard; sword cover. But remember that what you see on the outside is not your vagina, but rather your vulva. The vagina is the passage between the opening and the uterus; the inside portion where intercourse takes place. You could call it a hole, but that is not how it originated. So tell your friend that your vagina is the sheath that covers his sword!

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Code Red

Q: Why does my period sometimes start out brown rather than pink or red?

A: The brown color to your period blood is typically indicative of leftover blood from your last period. It is nothing to worry about and will eventually turn red as the old blood flows out and the new blood is allowed to pass.

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Q: Sometimes in certain positions, I can actually feel my husbands penis poke my ovaries, causing me great pain. Is this normal?

A: It most likely is just that you are ovulating at that time. There are certain positions that drop the organs into a place where the penis is able to penetrate deep enough to push against that area. Doggie style is one such position where the organs fall forward and the man is able to penetrate deeply. If you are experiencing this pain on a regular basis and not on specific times of the month, or if the pain is extreme or sharp, consult your doctor.

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Q: My boyfriend likes to blow into my vagina. At first he just blew on the outside and it felt great, in fact it drove me crazy. But now he is more aggressive with it and blows directly into the hole. It feels weird. Is this normal sex play?

A: Well the vagina is not a balloon. So while, lightly blowing on the vulva, or gently puffing into the hole is ok, large puffs of air into the hole can be dangerous. If no air is allowed to escape, in rare instances, it can cause an air embolism which can be fatal. So next time he tries this, gently tell him that you much more prefer a gentle, warm breeze over hurricane winds.

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Q: Sometimes I get t pain on my left side or my right side and it seems to be around the time I ovulate. It is like a stabbing pain, but sometimes is more of a dull ache. Does this mean there is something wrong with my ovaries.


A: Often times during ovulation, women can feel their ovary rupture to expel their follicles. This is called Mittelschmerz. As you describe, the pain at the time of the ovary bursting open can be sharp, similar to a stabbing sensation. The time leading up to the rupturing ovary, it may be stretching which can produce a dull ache. Both of these types of pain are normal and usually are eased with an NSAID and dissipate within hours. If, however, the pain is consistent and severe, seek medical attention to rule our an ovarian cyst, or other ovarian problems.

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Slippery When Wet

Q: I am still very attracted to my husband, but lately I just can’t seem to get wet enough. It is very dry down there and gets very painful. What is going on with me?


A: Depending on your age, this is perfectly normal. Before menopause a woman produces estrogen which maintains the thickness of the lining of the vagina and stimulates vaginal secretions. As a woman approaches menopause, during menopause and post menopause, estrogen levels decrease, therefore decreasing vaginal lubrication. There are many products on the market that can mimic natural vaginal wetness.


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