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Breaking up is hard to do. . .especially if you are still in love with your ex. So how do you get your ex back? Well the first thing to do is to gain control over your emotions. Acting with your heart, instead of using your head, can give you the opposite result. Once you’ve decided you want your ex back, instead of rushing to make a phone call or send a text/email professing your love, instead take a step back and ask yourself these questions. -Is it he or she that you want back or are you just feeling lonely?


What was the reason for the breakup?

How long were you together?

Is he or she with another person now?




Sometimes when we break up, we are so used to having a significant person in our lives, especially if you dated for a long time. We just feel lonely, but it’s not something that a good friend, or even a date with the right person, can’t cure. So make sure it’s the person you miss and not the companionship. Next, consider the reason you broke up and if that reason can be reconciled. If he or she cheated on you, chances are it could happen again? How would you deal with that? And if your ex has moved on with another person, consider that fact when attempting to get them back.

Remember that the initial phase of a relationship is always elating and it may be better to wait until some of that infatuation has worn off before you go after him or her again. Once you have gone decided that you can’t live without your ex and that it really is them that you want back, make a checklist of all the things that he or she loved about you. . .a certain way you dressed, a certain thing you did, a certain place you went together, a certain scent you wore, etc.

Using that list, set out to make him or here want you back by purposely bumping into him in a public place. When you see him or her, appear happy and secure. Make eye contact and talk about something that you know he or she is interested in. Never mention getting back together, but instead when the conversation is in a good place, touch their arm and tell them that you miss all the good times you shared, then walk away. Ending it with him or her wanting more, having your scent on them and seeing how happy you are, is a sure fire way to set his or her heart afire once again.

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What’s Your Number?

When you hear that question, tread carefully. He may not be asking for your phone number.

There comes a point in many relationships when that dreaded questions rears is numeric head. When he asks, “what’s your number”, he is really asking, “how many men have you slept with before me?” The way you answer this can make or break your relationship.

While he will promise that it makes no difference, it really will if you reveal you have slept with 20 guys. In fact, depending on how old you are, even 10 can make a guy squirm. So what do you do? What do you say? Do you plead the 5th? Well, not answering is as good as saying you slept with A LOT of men.

It has been proven that most women successfully answer this question by saying that he is number 3. “My first, time, then  my long time boyfriend , and now you,” is an easy answer for any man to digest. Everyone has a first, and typically most men do not want to be yours, so they are glad to hear that. Next, most men expect that women have had a significant boyfriend, and they like that you have experience in relationships.  So his being number 3 is just fine with him. Not too little, not too many . . . and as Goldilocks said, Jussssst Right!!

This little white lie is just as harmless as tell him you climaxed when you didn’t, or that you don’t notice that he is losing some hair. Sometimes it is just necessary to keep harmony in a relationship. But if you need to be honest, make sure you preface it with, “but you are the best out of all those men!” Throw in the honey to sweeten the pot, and good luck!


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So you broke up and now you want him back. Well there are things you can do to get your ex back, and as stupid as they sound, they work!


  1. Make a mix tape – As corny as it sounds, music is the best way to bring back memories of good times, romantic times and downright sexy times.
  1. Put together a photo album of your best times together – Gather your best pictures and jog his memory of the great times you had.
  1. Keep him as a friend on your social network profile – Keeping him as a friend, keeps him privy to the great time you are having without him.
  1. Post pictures of you with other guys on your social network profile – When he sees you are dating it will spark his jealousy and his need to have what he can’t have anymore.
  1. Leave him a sexy message late at night – No man can resist the late night call in a sexy voice, saying all the things he loves to hear.

  1. Send a sexy pic to his phone – You know he loves your body, remind him of great it is.
  1. Write him an erotic email with him as the star – Stroke his ego and remind him of the many nights you had lost in passion.
  1. Bump into him in the supermarket wearing the sexy outfit you know he loves – If he loved you in it once, he still does.
  1. Show up at a club that he is at with a hot guy – Nothing makes a guy want you more than when another guy has you.
  1. Get a friend to set you both up on a blind date – It’s cute and its fun. Now that you have him out, pull out all the stops and win him back.

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June Cleaver sneaks up behind Ward Cleaver, wraps her arms around him and begins to unbutton his shirt while she bites on his neck.  He turns around and she pushes him down on the couch and kisses his chest, licks down to his belly button and bites open his pants.

Screeeeech!  Rewind!  That would never happen back in the 1950’s or the 1960’s.  June Cleaver, dressed in her A-line dress and heels, would never welcome Ward home with a sexual romp.  She would wait passively, serve him a drink and his slippers, and then quietly, in the darkness of the night, and in their bed, she would allow him to have his way with her.  Television shows back then revealed the way sexuality was viewed in those days. For the longest time the networks were only allowed to show married couples sleeping in side-by-side twin beds.

We’ve come a long way baby!  Women in those days mainly participated in sex as a way to please their man.  They did not consider their own pleasure and neither did the man.  In fact, women were taught that they should not even enjoy the act of sex.  It was considered dirty and not something a ‘lady’ should like, or even think about.

No one really knows the thoughts that went through each woman of that time, because they were afraid to admit their sexual desires.  Did they fight the good feelings that swept over their bodies during sex, or did the man not pleasure the woman at all, and therefore the act really was, in fact, not enjoyable at all?  With the advent of women’s lib and equality, women started to realize that not only did they deserve equal pay, they deserved equal orgasm.

Women began to realize that if they wanted something they needed to ask for it.  They realized that they had a voice and that if they spoke, men might listen.  Sex evolved from a practice of pleasing men to men reciprocating the pleasure.  Women became more verbal in bedroom, asking for what they wanted, and helping men learn what felt good for them.  Soon men began to realize that if the woman enjoyed sex, they, in turn, would receive more sex and better, more fulfilling sessions.

It took decades before women actually felt comfortable initiating sex, or even initiating dating.  Women were always taught that the man should ask for the date, the man should be the one to call, the man should be the one to propose. It took years to overturn this notion and for women to come out of their shells and take control of their own destiny.

Skip to 2011.  If a woman sees a man that interests her, she very well may ask him out for drinks, make the first move for a kiss, and call him the next day.  In bed, she most likely could be the one who throws him down and rips off his clothes, and jumps on top.  Sex is more of a mutual experience, something that both enjoy and where control is swapped and interchanged.  When a woman knows what she wants and how she likes it, she is more likely to be satisfied.  No longer is she just there to please a man with her body, she wants her body to absorb every lingering moment of pleasure.

Women being more assertive in the bedroom, has not only made a woman’s sex life more enjoyable, it has actually made a man’s experience that much more satisfying.  In the new millennium, men are attracted to assertive women and are drawn to the woman who seduces him.  There is a primal instinct buried deep inside a man, where he secretly likes the power of a woman over him, even for a brief moment.  After all, men are born from women.  Their mother’s were the first to care for them, please them and also assert themselves over them.  They are familiar with the feeling of assertiveness equaling pleasure and comfort.  They welcome that feeling and are even attracted to that feeling and crave it at their core.

All the years of male domination did not actually cater to their inner needs as much as they and the world thought.  The taboo subject of sex for women was as depriving to men as it was to women.  Dating and sex today is much more pleasurable for both sexes and has taken us to a new level of appreciation.  While there are still some sexual taboos that exist, time and experience will eradicate that as we explore our sexuality through eternity.

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What Women Want

The next time your man says, “I just don’t know what you want,” hand him this little list.

What Women REALLY Want . . .

We don’t care how fast your car is. . .We care how safe you drive and how you protect us when you stop short by putting your arm out in front of us.

We don’t like vulgarity. . .but we do like it when you talk sexy on the phone in little whispers.

Everyone has gas . . .but we don’t like it when it becomes an event. . be discreet.







Foreplay is not a bonus gift. . .it’s a necessity.

A wet, sloppy kiss is not a turn on. . .kissing our neck softy and working up to our lips with a moist, gentle kiss works better.

We love that you love our breasts. . .but be gentle to our nipples, they are not screws.

We love to make you feel good. . .but if we give you a backrub, return the favor once in a while.

When we talk we don’t want you to solve our problems. . .we just want you to listen.

If we are assertive in a situation we want props. . .not to be called bitchy or catty.

Intimacy is more about the mind than the body. . .when we say we don’t feel close, don’t offer a romp in the hay, offer more of yourself.

Don’t ask us if we climaxed after sex. . . if you don’t know, then you didn’t do it right.

A sexy body is great. . .but walking around naked in front of us all the time does not have the effect you are wishing for.

Men and women seem to be made to be together, after all, we do fit together like puzzle pieces.  But let’s move from the physical connection to the emotional connection and we can live as one in perfect unity.

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Talk Dirty To Me

We’ve often hear the expression, “not a girl I would take home to mother,” when it comes to a guy choosing a long lasting mate. This usually refers to a guy being attracted to a sexy, scantily clad, voluptuous women, but not wanting to settle down with her. But that does not mean that guys are looking for a plain jane with no sex appeal either.

What most men want, and actively seek out, is a woman who can be a lady in public, but a sex kitten in the bedroom. Someone who looks attractive by day, but drop dead sexy at home, is well spoken at dinner with friends, but says the dirtiest things in his ear.

Talking dirty to your guy is one of the hottest things you can do, and one of the biggest turn-ons. And the more contrast to your “daytime” persona, the better. Dress up for dinner in sexy dress, with a pearl necklace and your hair up. Be as lady-like as can be throughout the meal. And then when he least expects it, lean in and whisper something to him that will drop him to his knees. Men love direction. So give him orders on what you want him to do to you when you get home.

When in bed, rev his engine with some dirty talk. While making love is special, sometimes some roudy sex is just what the doctor ordered. Instead of the typical, “yes, yes” or “harder, harder”, try something a little bolder, like “f*#k me with that huge c*^k of yours!” Be creative and learn which words really turn him on by process of elimination.

Be the girl he takes home to mother and make him wonder how that sweet mouth that is sharing recipes with his family, can be so naughty at home!


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Most relationships start out with grand expectations and a glorious courtship.  Your man is sexy, attentive, and makes you feel like a princess.  The whirlwind romance brings you closer and you hate being apart.  He is all you think of and inevitably you either move in together or get married.  Things are grand as you just can’t believe you can cuddle and sleep together every single night.  You are living what seems like a dream and nothing could be better.  Life continues as you learn more and more about each other and lose yourself in the bliss of your relationship.

But as with anything in life, sometimes things erode with time.  What was once so cute about him sitting around in his undies and a t-shirt watching the game and drinking beer, is now annoying when you wake up to a coffee table full of empties.  Maybe you found it so sexy when he shaved with his electric razor, until you find all the hairs all over the sink every morning and YOU have to clean it up.  His bathroom habits leave a lot to be desired and those shorts he wears every night could walk to the laundry room by themselves.  Little things mount up and soon your knight in shining armor is armor-less and worst yet, amore-less.

What happened to all that passion?  You once couldn’t wait to rip each other’s clothes off and now it’s become mundane.  All those sexy things he used to say and the tender way he made love to you, is now a quickie before bed.  Sex may have dwindled or it’s the same old-same old, and suddenly, you realize that a part of you feels stifled or dead.  There are no more butterflies in your tummy when you see him and the excitement is gone.  You wonder if it’s you.  Did your looks change, did you gain weight, are you uninteresting since you quit your job?  Doubts creep in and you begin to lose your self esteem which further breaks down the relationship as you withdraw more and more from your guy.  Soon the couple who was once ONE, is now one person in one room and one in the other.

Suddenly, a man gives you a smile or a wink.  Maybe it is someone you work with or a complete stranger.  Someone is flirting with you and finds you attractive?  Hmmm maybe you’ve still got it.  You go home exhilarated and can’t stop thinking about how it made it you feel.  You have a glow about you and a blush about your cheeks.  You remember this feeling.  You once had that same rush with your partner.

The sudden onslaught of old feelings renewed makes you yearn for more.  You didn’t miss what you didn’t have, but now something inside you is stirred up.  You want to capture that again and relish in it.  The next day you wear your favorite outfit, style your hair and pay extra attention to your make up.  When you leave the house smelling and looking great, you hope to bump into that guy again or see him again at work.

All it takes is another encounter to strike up a conversation and the attention is like a drug.  You want more and more and you suddenly find yourself lusting over this other man.  You want him and all you can think of is having him.  Inevitably you end up taking the plunge and cheating.  Your feelings of guilt overwhelm you, but the way he makes you feel takes your breath away.  You are now in a very bad situation of having to make a decision that could alter your entire life.

So what is it about the other man that sets a woman’s heart a flutter?  Is he better looking than her partner, a better kisser, more interesting or richer?  Most likely and more often than not, the answer is no.  The appeal of the other man is the aphrodisiac affect of something new, getting to know someone and the attention you so crave.  What is missing in your current relationship is being fulfilled by this new man.  You are reliving the glorious moments that you once had in the beginning of a now boring relationship.  But cheating is never right and it never ends well.  Someone will get hurt and it could be you.

Instead try to turn that passion back into your relationship. Flirt with your guy, dress sexy for him and ask him out on a date! Try to rejuvenate your relationship.  If it is worth it to you and you still love him, you may be able to salvage what you have left.  Sometimes affairs teach us that we really have what we want, we just didn’t know it.

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