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Miss Vulva – The Puppet

Vulva puppets are a great way to educate young girls about the vagina and it’s parts. These beautiful puppets are specifically create to empower women and break the language barrier, to show that the vagina is not a mystery.

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Lady of the Labia

The vagina in its elegant beauty has been the focal point of many art pieces and sculptures, but now the two come together as a vagina cast can be interpreted in many artful ways.

We start with a cast of the vagina. . .


Then we add artwork to it to create unique and beautiful vagina interpretations. . .


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Care For a Smoke?

How would you like to inhale through this  labia/clitoris shaped pipe that sits in a vulva shaped pipe holder?  Tastes like what?



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Mice and Kitties!

The vagina inspires more than just art, it is a functional shape that can be used for many things. And since kitties love mice so much, why not have a mouse inspired by your very own kitty!



And hey, why not use a mousepad inspired by our beautiful breasts. Looks comfy!

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Sometimes you just want your dessert to resemble your favorite thing to eat. A favorite treat for men, and women alike, these cupcakes are made individually with great attention to detail. Yummm, coconut pubic hair!

Watch as these delicious cupcakes are made!

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Vagina in Your China

I’ve heard of seeing your face in your plate, but seeing your vagina?!



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Vagina Hero

Even video gamers know the beauty of the vagina. Now men can practice making you scream with Vagina Hero.

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