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First there was porn in magazines, DVD’s and television, then there was porn-based video games that gave the user the ability to control things with his mouse, and we even have life-like blow up dolls. But none of these ever really took the place of a real, live woman and her moving, pulsating, squeezing vagina.

That was, up until now. Today, we have a video game with an electronic simulator that has a real flesh feel. It mimics the motion that you see on your screen, moving, squeezing, pulsating and more. Will men soon fall in love with this device and prefer it over the real thing?

See for yourself . . .

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Made For Walking?

I’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but wearing your vagina on your feet?! That takes the shoe fetish to a whole new level.

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Scent of A Woman

Do you want your neck and cleavage to smell like your vagina? Well look no further than Vulva Original. They took years to develop their vagina- scented perfume and bottle it. See below as they “tested” and “captured the scent. Would you wear it?

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Well it seems television networks just do not like the word vagina. When UByKotex tried to run their ad with the mention of  the word vagina the networks pulled the ad. When they changed “vagina” to “down there”, still some of the networks pulled it. Now as Amanda Hess says, “The commercial contains no direct references to female genitalia – you know, the place where the fucking tampon goes.”

Check out the ad, minus the vagina, but still an ad that takes a look at ridiculous tampon commercials.

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Barbie With Nipples?

Mattel has introduced the anatomically correct Barbie – complete with nipples and a vagina. There is even plans for a Barbie Salon where Barbie can get a “Brazilian.” Does this mean that Ken will soon come with a penis? Mattel is waiting to see how Barbie does first.

We will even see a pregnant Barbie, where children can take the baby out of Barbie’s belly in the Barbie OB-Gyn Clinic. The kids can pick either a girl or boy, or a surprise at delivery.

And the lesbian Gina doll will soon be released, sporting shorter hair than Barbie. The doll will be released along with  a homosexual lifestyle book for children.

Mattel hopes this will encourage open talks about sexuality between parents and children.


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On Sex and the City, when Charlotte is prescribed an anti-depressant by her gynecologist, she protests, “I’m not depressed, ” only to be told by her doctor that the pills are for her vagina. So the next time you feel itching or stinging down there, maybe just talk to vagina and spend some alone time with it. That might be just what the doctor ordered!

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Vaginas may be beautiful, but did you know they were musically talented as well? Just when you thought the vagina could do it all . . .

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