Your Sheath

Q: Where does the word Vagina come from? A guy friend of mine said it was latin for the word hole.

A: The word vagina is the Latin term for sheath or scabbard; sword cover. But remember that what you see on the outside is not your vagina, but rather your vulva. The vagina is the passage between the opening and the uterus; the inside portion where intercourse takes place. You could call it a hole, but that is not how it originated. So tell your friend that your vagina is the sheath that covers his sword!

Made For Walking?

I’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but wearing your vagina on your feet?! That takes the shoe fetish to a whole new level.

Lady of the Labia

The vagina in its elegant beauty has been the focal point of many art pieces and sculptures, but now the two come together as a vagina cast can be interpreted in many artful ways.

We start with a cast of the vagina. . .


Then we add artwork to it to create unique and beautiful vagina interpretations. . .


So you broke up and now you want him back. Well there are things you can do to get your ex back, and as stupid as they sound, they work!


  1. Make a mix tape – As corny as it sounds, music is the best way to bring back memories of good times, romantic times and downright sexy times.
  1. Put together a photo album of your best times together – Gather your best pictures and jog his memory of the great times you had.
  1. Keep him as a friend on your social network profile – Keeping him as a friend, keeps him privy to the great time you are having without him.
  1. Post pictures of you with other guys on your social network profile – When he sees you are dating it will spark his jealousy and his need to have what he can’t have anymore.
  1. Leave him a sexy message late at night – No man can resist the late night call in a sexy voice, saying all the things he loves to hear.

  1. Send a sexy pic to his phone – You know he loves your body, remind him of great it is.
  1. Write him an erotic email with him as the star – Stroke his ego and remind him of the many nights you had lost in passion.
  1. Bump into him in the supermarket wearing the sexy outfit you know he loves – If he loved you in it once, he still does.
  1. Show up at a club that he is at with a hot guy – Nothing makes a guy want you more than when another guy has you.
  1. Get a friend to set you both up on a blind date – It’s cute and its fun. Now that you have him out, pull out all the stops and win him back.

It’s true, our vaginas love sex and in fact a vagina that has regular intercourse is actually healthier than one that does not. Regular sex keeps sensitive vaginal tissue healthy. An un-used vagina will eventually develop fragile vaginal walls that, after menopause, can scar and close off a bit.

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it!!

It seems our kitty’s have a memory and it knows that it has a purpose beyond reproduction, it will stay healthy and keep purring for a long time. During intercourse the vaginal walls squeeze the penis. Just like any other muscle in the body, when you exercise it, it stays strong. And think about your feet for a while. The first time you walk barefoot outside in the summer, your feet are tender and might hurt, but do it all summer and your feet are stronger and more resilient. Same with the vagina. If the walls experience the push and pull of a penis, it keeps the skin and muscle stronger and tighter. And orgasm, well that really flexes the muscles with many contractions.

So you see, intercourse is exercise for the vagina. Well you might be asking, “what if I don’t have a regular partner, or have not had one for years?” There are many alternatives that can produce the same results. Dildos mimick a penis and some of the better ones feel so lifelike you will swear they are the real thing. Set some time aside to pleasure yourself regularly to keep your kitty happy and healthy. And for an added benefit, even if you are having regular sex (or masturbation sessions), kegels are great for in between sessions. They can be done anytime, anywhere – in fact, I am doing them right now. Just squeeze, as if you are holding in pee, then release. Do as many as you can, as often as you can.

Purr kitty, Purr!


Code Red

Q: Why does my period sometimes start out brown rather than pink or red?

A: The brown color to your period blood is typically indicative of leftover blood from your last period. It is nothing to worry about and will eventually turn red as the old blood flows out and the new blood is allowed to pass.

Care For a Smoke?

How would you like to inhale through this  labia/clitoris shaped pipe that sits in a vulva shaped pipe holder?  Tastes like what?