Breaking up is hard to do. . .especially if you are still in love with your ex. So how do you get your ex back? Well the first thing to do is to gain control over your emotions. Acting with your heart, instead of using your head, can give you the opposite result. Once you’ve decided you want your ex back, instead of rushing to make a phone call or send a text/email professing your love, instead take a step back and ask yourself these questions. -Is it he or she that you want back or are you just feeling lonely?


What was the reason for the breakup?

How long were you together?

Is he or she with another person now?




Sometimes when we break up, we are so used to having a significant person in our lives, especially if you dated for a long time. We just feel lonely, but it’s not something that a good friend, or even a date with the right person, can’t cure. So make sure it’s the person you miss and not the companionship. Next, consider the reason you broke up and if that reason can be reconciled. If he or she cheated on you, chances are it could happen again? How would you deal with that? And if your ex has moved on with another person, consider that fact when attempting to get them back.

Remember that the initial phase of a relationship is always elating and it may be better to wait until some of that infatuation has worn off before you go after him or her again. Once you have gone decided that you can’t live without your ex and that it really is them that you want back, make a checklist of all the things that he or she loved about you. . .a certain way you dressed, a certain thing you did, a certain place you went together, a certain scent you wore, etc.

Using that list, set out to make him or here want you back by purposely bumping into him in a public place. When you see him or her, appear happy and secure. Make eye contact and talk about something that you know he or she is interested in. Never mention getting back together, but instead when the conversation is in a good place, touch their arm and tell them that you miss all the good times you shared, then walk away. Ending it with him or her wanting more, having your scent on them and seeing how happy you are, is a sure fire way to set his or her heart afire once again.

No one wants to interrupt the intimacy that occurs right after love making, but a quick trip to the loo can save you a lot of trouble later. Doctors recommend peeing after sex to clear away bacteria from the urethra opening, that are deposited through sexual intercourse.

Germs from the head of the penis as well as the outside of the vulva, get pushed inside during sex. The urethra sits inside the labia minor (your small lips) and right on top of the vaginal hole. Semen and bacteria gather there and can multiply. When you pee, you flush the bacteria from that area, preventing urinary tract infections.

Most women feel the urge to pee anyway after sex due the the pressure on the bladder and the relaxation of muscles during orgasm. But some hold it, or fall asleep, causing the bacteria to sit on the urethra opening, sometimes overnight. If you are experiencing frequent urinary tract infections, a little pee pee will go a long way.

Another reason to excuse yourself to the ladies room is to allow the semen inside you to flush out. If you are in a committed relationship and are not using condoms, chances are your man is ejaculating inside you. Especially, if you are on the pill. If you are not trying to conceive, allowing semen to flow out of your vagina, earlier rather than later is a good choice. Women who often fall asleep with semen inside them can experience a foul smell the next day, even after showering.

So ladies, keep your urethra clear and your ph balanced by peeing after sex and avoid those nasty UTIs.

Soap is not sexy!

Q: Why is that my boyfriend always wants to give me oral sex just after I have gone on a run or exercised . . . or  when I haven’t showered yet? It’s dirty and I prefer oral sex when my vagina is clean.

A: It is not a matter of dirty or clean to a man. Men are attracted to our scent and believe it or not, they prefer the natural scent of our vagina over the smell of soap. To them the Scent of a Woman is a turn-on.

Vulva puppets are a great way to educate young girls about the vagina and it’s parts. These beautiful puppets are specifically create to empower women and break the language barrier, to show that the vagina is not a mystery.

First there was porn in magazines, DVD’s and television, then there was porn-based video games that gave the user the ability to control things with his mouse, and we even have life-like blow up dolls. But none of these ever really took the place of a real, live woman and her moving, pulsating, squeezing vagina.

That was, up until now. Today, we have a video game with an electronic simulator that has a real flesh feel. It mimics the motion that you see on your screen, moving, squeezing, pulsating and more. Will men soon fall in love with this device and prefer it over the real thing?

See for yourself . . .

What’s Your Number?

When you hear that question, tread carefully. He may not be asking for your phone number.

There comes a point in many relationships when that dreaded questions rears is numeric head. When he asks, “what’s your number”, he is really asking, “how many men have you slept with before me?” The way you answer this can make or break your relationship.

While he will promise that it makes no difference, it really will if you reveal you have slept with 20 guys. In fact, depending on how old you are, even 10 can make a guy squirm. So what do you do? What do you say? Do you plead the 5th? Well, not answering is as good as saying you slept with A LOT of men.

It has been proven that most women successfully answer this question by saying that he is number 3. “My first, time, then  my long time boyfriend , and now you,” is an easy answer for any man to digest. Everyone has a first, and typically most men do not want to be yours, so they are glad to hear that. Next, most men expect that women have had a significant boyfriend, and they like that you have experience in relationships.  So his being number 3 is just fine with him. Not too little, not too many . . . and as Goldilocks said, Jussssst Right!!

This little white lie is just as harmless as tell him you climaxed when you didn’t, or that you don’t notice that he is losing some hair. Sometimes it is just necessary to keep harmony in a relationship. But if you need to be honest, make sure you preface it with, “but you are the best out of all those men!” Throw in the honey to sweeten the pot, and good luck!


Every healthy vagina has a G-Spot. Knowing where it is and how to stimulate can bring you great pleasure. It is not as allusive as you think.

The G-Spot is located in the upper front portion of the vagina and is easily found by inserting your middle finger and making a “come here” motion, stroking the upper wall of your vagina. It will feel like a spongy spot that is soft, but pushes back on your finger. The more you stroke it, the more engorged the G-Spot becomes. You will notice that spot become harder, the more aroused you become. Firm pressure on that spot will send you skyrocketing to an amazing climax.

See below for a closer look . . .